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Water Entering Your PVC Roof

Mar 27


The possibility of water leaking into your business isn't something you want on your roof. There are many ways water could enter your business But what are the most prevalent? Find roofing services in San Antonio.

PVC Roofing

Your roof with PVC materials will not be damaged from the moment it's put in. If it's not, then you better hope you got a guarantee on the workmanship provided by the roofing company. It's essential to ensure your flat roof is fitted with an appropriate drainage system. If you fail to perform this, it can result in a ponding issue. It is a good idea to check your roof after an event for obvious damage. You can detect the potential for damage before it grows into a more expensive and more serious issue. Since the majority of PVC roofs are already constructed, there is less of a requirement for field seaming. The more seaming in the field, the more prone the roof is to water entry. This is because there is a chance for human error in this process.


Zones where water can be able to

Anything sticking from your roof, such as chimneys, vents, or heating/cooling systems can allow an unwelcome water entry. This is because there is field seaming to be considered when it comes to anything that extends from the roof. There are two choices for sealing roof leaks. The first is with prefabricated components that require only a little field seaming. This saves much time during the installation. Another option is to have you only do field seaming on the roof around the object. This takes a lot of time and has plenty of room for errors.


Most of the causes for water to enter your roof are caused by inadequate installation, which can cause your roof to tear, or the age of the roof. However, if you start to see water starting to seep into your structure even just a small amount, contact your trusted roofer. They will ensure that the leak is handled accordingly and that it hasn't affected other parts of the roof structure. Contact a roofing contractor in San Antonio, Texas or request a no-cost estimate.

Different types of materials

If you have a flat roof there are a variety of materials that could be utilized. TPO, EPDM and PVC are all possibilities. There is more information regarding the various kinds of roofing materials here. PVC is a great option to prevent wind-related damage. Wind can take roof tears and tear them apart further. For PVC, PVC material, this isn't a problem. The PVC material will catch itself if it tears. This will help save you cash and give you the time to contact your roofer.


EPDM roofing and TPO roofs provide different levels of protection. TPO roofs are susceptible to being damaged by wind. This could stem from the formula changing for the material numerous times in the past. A EPDM roof is also more prone to breaking more than PVC and can be repaired with a patch. This part will be covered by Roofing Contractors near San Antonio, Texas.


If you believe you've suffered wind damage, give your roofer call. They will assess the damage and repair. You could be eligible to receive an insurance policy. Royalty can give a free estimate by phoning Shield Roofing.


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