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How do you transfer a roofing Warranty

Apr 18


When it comes to buying or selling an existing home, one issue which is often discussed in real estate transactions is the issue of warranties. From appliances to floor coverings warranties can provide security to the current homeowner and the prospective buyer.

A transferable warranty is an excellent asset in the field of roofing.

This article will provide the steps you have to do in order to transfer a manufacturer's guarantee on your roof. It will also inform you the time it will take to complete the process once you have purchased a house.


What Is a Warranty?

We'll first look at warranties. According to Merriam-Webster's definition, a warranty is "a assurance of the quality of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts." You need to seek out a Wick roofing butler pa to get the finest solution.


One of the keywords in this case is defective. Most warranties cover faulty products only. They don't take care of problems that arise from daily use or aging.

Who guarantees your roof?

The roofing contractor could provide a warranty to the roof or by the manufacturer of the roofing material.

Warranties for Workmanship

The roofing company will offer a warranty on craftsmanship. They usually ensure the safety and quality of the work.

Manufacturer Warranties

The warranty of the manufacturer is limited to roofing materials. They are based on the assumption that the contractor who installed the roof has installed the roof in the correct way.


The work of contractors may be protected by extended warranties, like Platinum Protection Limited Warranties and Most Roofers Preferred Protection Limited Warranty.


It's not common for workmanship warranties provided by contractors to be transferable. Hence, the main focus of this article is on how to transfer a roofing warranty.


If you are reviewing a roofing warranty document, it is recommended to check for the following info:

Who is covered?

The warranty conditions should clearly specify who is covered by the warranty. The warranty should clearly state the person who is covered. Steadfast Custom Construction Butler PA is able to meet your requirements for all of your construction needs.

What do you think of the coverages?

There are details about which products are covered as well as other information about eligibility that includes proper installation by a contractor who is approved. If there's a defect, you will also find the solution. Are labor costs for reinstallation and tear-off covered or is the warranty only limited to the price of the new materials?

Time limits

The duration of coverage can vary according to the component (shingles vs. Vents) or feature (algae resistance as well as wind resistance for instance). ), so pay close attention to the wording.

What isn't covered?

The warranty of the manufacturer will usually include a list of situations which are not covered by it, including poor handling, roof preparation errors and damage caused by debris impact. Steadfast Roofing can provide you with many options.


It is recommended to refer to this section to determine if your warranty is able to be transferred from one homeowner to the next. But, it's sometimes mentioned in the "Who is Covered?" paragraphs.

Claims process

There should be a separate section that explains how to file an claim, the best place to send it , and how to deal with disputes.

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