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Apr 22

Here are some tips that can help buyers in today's market stay competitive.


This kind of market can be very exhausting for buyers. It requires patience to wait for a bid that is successful on the property. I've run an agency for real estate in O'Fallon IL for many years. I've heard many stories from agents regarding how the market affects their clients. I've sifted through hundreds of contracts for sales and have a the most thorough understanding of Realtors the most popular strategies in order to have their offers accepted.


Today I'll share some simple suggestions to help buyers compete on the market today:


1. Find out if you are pre-approved. In today's market it's not possible to search for the house of your dreams and then visit the bank. You'll need to be pre-approved in order to prove to the seller that you're serious about the purchase and can afford the home. Speak to your lender about the monthly payment that you're comfortable with.


Listing agents get offers from buyers and verify the lender's pre-approval letters. If the agent who is listing is a prolific producer They will be familiar with a lot local lenders. Certain lenders are notorious for their sabotage of deals. If you are working with one of these lenders the agent representing the listing is likely to share the information with their sellers.


If you're working with an experienced real estate agent, inquire their opinion on the best lenders to work with to get the offer approved. In smaller cities, this factor is even more critical when making an offer. Real estate professionals are more likely to see each other more frequently in smaller cities. The experience of your mortgage broker and Realtor's experience and reputation can have significant impact on your contract's effectiveness.


2. Make sure you're prepared. So that the seller is aware that you are on top of everything Your Realtor will ask for earnest money. Discuss the ideal date of closing for the seller or other items that can sweeten the deal.


Every seller could have their own motives to sell. For instance, one seller might be selling their primary residence via a relocation company or selling an investment property. Every seller will have terms that are appealing to them.

If you are considering buying a house in a competitive seller's market, it is recommended that your Realtor call the listing agent before you submit your offer. Your agent should ask the agent of the seller what they're seeking in the contract. If your agent can get this information, you are able to tailor your offer to the most appealing terms for the seller. It will guarantee that your bid is at the top of any list.



3. Find a reputable realtor. I ensure that my clients are prepared when we meet. Along with checking on the internet, we look at off-market properties for our clients. This gives buyers an edge.


4. Consider offering an escalation clause. An escalation clause is a clause added to a contract stating that the buyer will escalate their offer above the highest sales price submitted. The price of the contract is automatically raised without the need to resubmit an entire contract or amend the existing contract. This clause usually has an escalation limit of. When a bidding war takes place, this tactic ensures that your bid is on top of the list.


Here's an example.

  • Homebuyer A bid $500,000 to purchase the home valued at $490,000. There was an escalation clause that was $3000 to increase the maximum offer.

  • The house receives 30 offer contracts, and the highest price is offered by Buyer B for $550,0000.

  • -As a result, buyer A's contract sale price will automatically be increased to $553,000.

This is among the most popular ways to beat your competitors in extremely competitive markets.

An escalation clause should only be used if you can increase your offer considerably above list price. The pros of an escalation clause is that they immediately place your offer at the highest of the list. The downside is that they can be altered by agents representing the seller and lead you to pay much more than your initial contract price.

If a seller's representative is given an escalation clause, they can solicit the other buyers to push the price higher. When they've reached their maximum the price, you're with a dollar figure above that amount.

Escalation clauses began to gain popularity in 2018 and have since been the norm in numerous real estate areas that are in average to lower price ranges. If they're not well-structured they may be difficult to navigate. Before you employ this tactic, make sure that your Realtor is well-versed in the concept.


Keep these tips in mind


As a home buyer in a competitive market it is important to be flexible enough to accommodate any specific requirements that the seller might have. Every seller is different and has unique requirements. If you are positioned to be quick and respond to their demands, you'll outdo competitors.  An example of a competitive market is in Edwardsville IL.  If you are looking for homes for sale in Edwardsville IL you will need to utilize these tips to help you beat the competition.

It is possible be inventive if are looking to sell your home before buying another one. Sellers who have multiple offers for their property won't accept the terms of contracts that depend on another house selling. Sellers are looking for the lowest quantity of delays and contingencies as is possible. We can help you swiftly locate buyers in this highly competitive market.


If you want to give yourself more flexibility to make your life more flexible, you might consider moving your house to the market and then renting the property on AirBnB (or temporary rental) to rent it. It's a risky idea when there is limited inventory but it could provide you with an edge to entice the seller to sign your contract. It is possible to get additional funds to help the sale go through faster.


Some firms will purchase your home after you have found another , however it will usually cost you a fee. Lenders and Realtors are getting more innovative as demand for homes rises every year. Take some time to research local businesses who offer services for buying an additional home prior to selling your home.


Do not hesitate to contact me by phone, email or by mail if interested in buying or selling. I look forward receiving your message.  If you ever need a realtor O'Fallon IL just give us a call.

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