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Aquatic Exercises for Chronic Pain Helps Prevent Development Of Musculoskeletal Problems

Nov 8

Aquatic Exercises for Chronic Pain has been proven to help chronic pain sufferers by decreasing the intensity of their symptoms, improving sleep quality and mood, and enhancing mobility and strength. However, many people are limited by the physical challenges presented by traditional land-based workouts, especially if they have pain in different parts of their body. This is where water exercises come in. Water exercise, or hydrotherapy, has been shown to improve overall wellness, reduce pain, and ease the impact of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

The resistance of water helps build muscle strength and endurance, which is particularly helpful for those with fibromyalgia. Water is up to 1,000 times more powerful than air, and it provides an optimal amount of drag to build endurance and strengthen muscles. It also helps to reduce pain by relieving pressure on the joints and tendons, which is a common problem for people with chronic pain. Moderate exercise while in the water can even alleviate fibromyalgia pain by improving blood flow, decreasing tension, and improving flexibility.

Water exercise is ideal for those with back pain, and it can be particularly helpful for people with a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. The buoyancy of the water minimizes stress on the spine and joints, while allowing the spine and limbs to expand. Water exercise can strengthen the muscles that support the spine, resulting in improved posture and alleviating discomfort.

Studies have found that therapeutic aquatic exercise results in more lower back pain relief than conventional physical therapy, and the benefits are long-lasting. A randomized clinical trial found that participants who received therapeutic aquatic exercise experienced greater improvements in their back pain, sleep quality, and quality of life than those who did not receive aquatic therapy. Participants in the study were more likely to recommend aquatic therapy than traditional physical therapy for chronic low back pain.

While exercising in the water, you can burn more calories than exercising on land because of the extra calorie expenditure needed to move your muscles. This can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight, and it can also assist with appetite regulation and promoting a positive mood.

There are several different types of water workouts, including pool yoga, aqua aerobics, and hydrotherapy. Some are geared toward fitness and general health, while others are specifically designed for those with certain conditions, such as fibromyalgia. In addition, the temperature of the water is controlled, so you can work out without the stress of high temperatures that can aggravate some pain points.

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